Homemade jerky recipes are the ultimate “secret sauce”. Many people jealously guard their recipes in fear that someone might incorrectly apply that recipe. Nonetheless, there are some users across the internet who have decided to share their (real?) recipe with the world, and we all get to benefit as a result!


Not all recipes are the same, however, and sometimes more is in common between most recipes than one might think. For example, in our analysis of over 300 recipes, soy sauce comes in at #1 as the most common ingredient. Surprised?


Well we’ve put together an analysis so you can see the most common “core” set of flavors used. Perhaps you can use it in your next homemade jerky seasoning sample. If you want to check out the recipes themselves, you can see our tool at jerkyseason.com, where you can browse seasonings by flavor.

Put another way, here’s the raw list of the list of items organized by most common to least common.

This is a data sample of over 300 recipes found on the internet. If you have any new recipe ideas formed from this, let us know!