The Smoking Cube

Craft the perfect cocktail for your next dinner party, or add that special extra for your customers.

The Sigval Smoking Cube and Cocktail Smoker
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Every Party Needs a Showstopper

Equipped with stainless accents, a bamboo base, and smoke infuser – the Sigval Smoking Cube will impress your guests with an adventure of taste and class.




Put that In Your Box and Smoke It

Delight, unveil, and enthrall with the Sigval Smoking Cube; your guests will savor an array of exotic flavors in mere moments, all elegantly presented at their tableside or appetizer station for their indulgence. From top to bottom, every essence can be impeccably served.

Close with Ease and Anticipation

Your Smoking Cube Infuser neatly tucks away inside its own box, ready to be displayed for the next gathering. It’s not just storage; it’s a hint of what’s to come, sparking curiosity and excitement for the next round of festivities.

All essentials for a smoky infusion.

The Sigval Smoking Cube set includes an 8-inch cube, a smoking gun with hose, batteries, three varieties of smoking woods, and essential maintenance tools to ensure it’s always ready for the spotlight.

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